Community Church Culcheth aims to hold to real, authentic Christianity. We take seriously the importance of believing what the Christian Church has always believed from the beginning – we can’t just make up our own new ideas or interpretations of the Bible, and then call them Christianity. And to make sure we’re not doing that, we keep on working to bring all that we believe and all that we do under the authority of Jesus Christ, as revealed in the Bible – if we find things we believe or do don’t fit with the Bible, we’re ready to change them. The Bible is our supreme authority, as the only way for human beings to know of the one true God through Jesus Christ.

This means that we are what is known as a Reformed church.

We also hold to some precise and technical historic statements of what Christians believe.

Like all Christian churches we hold to the ‘ecumenical creeds’ (the Apostles’ Creed, the Nicene Creed, the Chalcedonian Creed and the Athanasian Creed), which are statements of essential Christian beliefs, written in the early centuries of the Christian church.

We also hold to the more detailed ‘Westminster Confession of Faith’, written in the 17th Century at the request of Parliament to be a standard description of what the Church in England should believe. It is the official statement of faith of huge numbers of churches across the English-speaking world.

We are also what is known as a Presbyterian church. This means that as well as holding to the statements named above, we have a system to ensure our leaders continue to do so. Our elders are accountable to a wider group of elders of other churches (known as a ‘presbytery’) who are responsible for ensuring their suitability, and who have the power to remove them should their life or teaching fall short of what the Bible requires of them. (‘Elder’ in Greek is presbyteros, which is where the name Presbyterian comes from).

The church body we are part of is the ‘International Presbyterian Church’ (IPC), which includes churches in England, Scotland and continental Europe. Churches in the IPC share the same aims and convictions as us. A summary of what is distinctive about IPC churches can be found here.